Since long before ever thinking of getting married, I have always wanted to make my own wedding dress. So naturally, as soon as Zeb and I were engaged I started to think about my wedding dress and how I would like it to look. Designing and sewing a wedding gown just seems like the ultimate sewing project to me: the dress can be incredibly elaborate and unusual, you get to work with the highest quality materials, and the final product must be perfect. I am most excited about the unbounded creativity that is allowed when designing a wedding dress, there are just so many different styles, it really seems like anything could and has worked.
With this blog I hope to chronicle my adventure in making my own dress! I would love any and all suggestions and ideas from all of you lovely ladies :)
I know this seems like quite a project to take on during MS3 year, in addition to planing a wedding. However, I remain optimistic and I am super happy and excited!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Making muslin dresses

My project over winter break was to try out the patterns that I liked by making mock wedding dresses out of muslin fabric. This turned out to be an epic project, but well worth the time put in. I had never made muslin copies of patterns before, but I really wanted to feel confident that I will get the wedding dress right the first time I sew it with the real fabric, since silk is kind of expensive! It took some imagination to picture what the dresses would look like if they weren't made out of muslin, which btw is the most ruff and boring fabric I have ever sewn with. I think everything will hang and drape in a much softer way when I am working with the real wedding dress fabric.

I found that I love the skirt of the Vogue 7387 pattern, but am not crazy about the bodice. I really like the geometric cuts in the mid-drift and skirt panels section, I think they are very flattering and so 1930's! I think I might want to make the train a bit longer though. I just worry about the train getting destroyed since the wedding is outside and all. I ended up making 5 different tops to find one that I liked best with this skirt. This part was actually a lot of fun, since I love the creativity of designing stuff from scratch! I think I am going to go with one that is similar to the Jenny Packham Aspen dress, only I don't want mine to be so low cut, and I can go without such puffy sleeves.
Below are the pictures of the original bodice on the vogue 7387 pattern. Any thoughts on the bodice?

I also found that I love the vogue 1174 reception dress pattern! I found a size that fits perfectly, and I think will be a lot of fun when made with nice fabric. BTW, if anyone else wants to try this pattern, I recommend cutting 3 to 4 sizes smaller than the measurement recommend. It is not sized correctly I guess. I really want to make several dresses with this pattern though, it just fits so nicely! I love the pockets, pleated skirt, and sweetheart neckline :)


  1. May your bobbin always be full!
    I like the evening dress and the long skirt Tess. What fun - sewing lasts longer then cooking food that's gobbled up. So much fabric and so little time - The mock dresses are nice in their own right -Thanx for sharing your joy

  2. Lovely dresses and a great project. I am looking for Vogue 7387 to make my goddaughters wedding dress. It is now out of print. Can you help, do you still have the pattern? I can re draw the pattern to the right size but need to see the pattern to do so. I live in London, UK.

    1. Hi Fran,
      Getting to make your goddaughters wedding dress sounds like such a lovely project!
      I ended up finding a used but uncut pattern on I bet there are more out there, maybe on ebay too. It really made a great pattern for a wedding dress.
      Best of luck with this project!